The history of IAE began in 1950 with high power electronic valve production. Manufacturing of X-ray tubes followed in 1965

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All surfaces have to be throughly cleaned from any dirt and product residual, in order to keep the highest vacuum level inside the tube during operation.

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R & D

IAE faces every challenge trough technological innovation, know-how and profession training of its engineers and operators.

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  • Special application tubes
  • Inserts and housings for medium and high duty radiological systems
  • Inserts and housings for digital angiography and cardiac applications
  • Complete units for mammography
  • Inserts for CT scanners
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Experience, uninterrupted research and uncompromising control make IAE X-ray tubes and housings your best choice on the radiology market.

150Insert/housing combinations
70Years of Experience
100% Quality control
100Sales presence in the world

All products and process of IAE have Quality Certification.

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