Your reliable partner in X-ray systems

1950The beginning

The history of IAE began in 1950 with high power electronic valve production.

Manufacturing of X-ray tubes followed in 1965, exploiting the already advanced technology in high vacuum and special metals.

1973X-ray rotating anode tubes

In 1973 a major change in stakeholders composition took place and the new property produced a strong interest for medical X-ray tube applications. Subsequently, the production of valves was soon abandoned.

The businessman Giuseppe Amigoni

2002The development

In 2002 an expansion in production capacity took place with the opening of our new site in Cormano, located close to the historical site.

The booming commercial area covers much of the international market.

The production meets the increasing demands of the market with competitive products and high reliability.

2022IAE today

Nowadays IAE plays a key role on the international market, being the biggest standalone X-ray tube manufacturer in Europe for rotating anode tubes.

Thanks to its wide range of products (more than 150 insert/housing different combination) IAE is a strategic partner for the most important equipment manufacturers worldwide.

With the addition of more than 30 different competitors’ unit reloadings (all CE marked), IAE is sure to satisfay at the highest level the market of service.

Our production

IAE offers:

  • Special applications tubes (for mobile systems and mobile C-arms)
  • Inserts and housings for medium and high duty radiological systems
  • inserts and housings for digital angiography and cardiac application
  • Complete units for mammography
  • CT tube unit reloading