01 Overview

Water cooled mammography tube unit,
for beam scanning mammography equipments
and high patients throughput screening applications.

02 Characteristics

IAE Housing High Voltage Heat Storage Capacity (kJ) Heat Storage Capacity (kHU) Max Cooling Rate Convection Net Weight Tech Data
C341V 49 kV 520 kJ 700 kHU 1500 W (120000 HU/min) with HE31 20 kg C341 V data


• Brass body
• Filled under vacuum with high dielectric insulating oil, specially processed
• An external water circulation cooling jacket, in combination with an internal oil circulation system, ensures a heat dissipation three times higher than conventional mammography tube units.
• Two devices are present for thermal protection
1 one bimetallic thermal switch, fitted internally
2 one bimetallic thermal switch, fitted internally assembled, series connected with stator common cable

Overall length 381 mm
Maximum diameter 160 mm
Tube assembly net weight 20 kg
Nominal X-ray tube assembly voltage 49 kV
Maximum tube assembly heat content 520 kJ  (700 kHU)
Maximum continuous heat dissipation 1500 W (120000 HU/min) with HE31
Minimum tube assembly inherent filtration 0.5 mm-Be
Maximum leakage radiation at 1m from focal spots 68 µmGy/h



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