01 Overview

Rotating anode X-ray tube unit specifically designed for anode diameter inserts
ranging from 70 mm to 90 mm, for medium/high duty radiographic procedures.

02 Characteristics

IAE Housing High Voltage Heat Storage Capacity (kJ) Heat Storage Capacity (kHU) Max Cooling Rate Convection Max Cooling Rate Ventilation Net Weight Tech Data
C52 150 kV 1280 kJ 1700 kHU 230 W (18400 HU/min) 370 W (29600 HU/min 21 kg C52 data


• Lead lined aluminum body
• Three devices are present for thermal safety:
1 a bimetallic thermal switch, fitted externally on the anode end
2 a bimetallic thermal switch, internally assembled, series connected with stator common cable
3 a pressure microswitch, installed on cathode end, activated by bellow expansion


Overall length 484 mm
Maximum diameter 170 mm
Tube assembly net weight 21 kg
Nominal X-ray tube assembly voltage 150 kV
Maximum tube assembly heat content 1280 kJ  (1700 kHU)
Maximum continuous heat dissipation without fan 230 W (18400 HU/min)
Maximum continuous heat dissipation with fan 370 W (29600 HU/min)
Min. tube assembly inherent filtration 1.2 mm Al / 75 kV
Maximum leakage radiation at 1m from focal spots 0.44 mGy/h


RTM78 H / HS
RTM90 H / HS
RTM92 H / HS
RTM782 H / HS

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